Event Coverage: Classic Japan 2015

2015 is the first year we at Auto Fiend have had the chance to attend the annual Classic Japan Show, and what a year to make our debut it was. The variety and quality of the entrants was phenomenal to see.

CJ Event-12

At least 600 cars were entered prior to the show’s commencement, it was sure to be one for the ages.
CJ Event-14

The variety of machines is huge, and though the Toyota Car Club of Australia plays a large role in the shows running and preparation, the field of attendees is in no way limited to the marque.

CJ Event-15

Though there were plenty of amazing Toyota’s such as this AE86 Levin, running a tweaked 4A-GE 16V with quad throttles.

CJ Event-40

This MA61 caught my attention yet again, though it has changed owners since Winterfest, it still rolls hard and phat on the beautiful MK2’s. The lines of this car are so sleek and classic.

CJ Event-39

This event we got to capture another of Jason’s rare machines. A Toyota MS75 Crown Hardtop, the last machine was a Commer Van we captured at Chopped.

CJ Event-38

One of the major draw cards for the Classic Japan event is that it is open to all kinds of classic vehicles from the orient, be it restored like this Honda Civic or modified…

CJ Event-36

…like this Kenmeri C110 Skyline, rolling on RS Watanabe’s, with plenty of carbon and attitude.

CJ Event-32

Sometimes the awesome cars aren’t even in the show. This little panda was hiding in the bushes. A Trueno AE86 always gets me right in the soft spot.

CJ Event-29

Period correct race replica’s such a this Honda S800 are so uncommon at events, that sometimes it takes a huge event like Classic Japan for their owners to justify bringing them out and allowing them to bask in the adoration of the public. And its the perfect event for it, so much appreciation from everyone for all kinds of different vehicles. This is the sort of atmosphere we need more of in the scene.

CJ Event-31

Sometimes though cars are thrown together for the show, such as this Nissan S12 Gazelle notch, with lovely wide SSR MK3’s thrown under the arches. I happened to see pictures of this coming together on the wonderful world of facebook shortly before the event. Hell, we’ve all been there.

CJ Event-22

So many contrasting cars, we had frosty, the period correct TA from Sydney next to the F20C swapped KE30, next to a 7MGTE swapped Crown Wagon. All of which were immaculate.

CJ Event-24

Then we have this MX73 Cressida rolling true Shakotan style with its massaged arches to fit the widest wheels and lowest ride height usable.

CJ Event-26

Nathan’s AE71 should be no stranger to frequent readers, though it has gone through some changes since it’s feature. Most notably so the monstrous front lip extension attached to the, already large, madhouse chin spoiler. A GT wing has also been fitted out back to utilise as much grip as possible.

CJ Event-28

STIV’S Fairlady definitely stands out at events. It is running a pretty strong theme throughout Crazy width, Crazy Dish and Crazy low. But there is always room to go lower.

CJ Event-18

This years event had a section dedicated to machines of the off road 4×4 variety. And there were some top notch builds amongst the assortment of Hilux’s, Land Cruisers and a lonely Patrol.

CJ Event-20

This shorty FJ cruiser was incredible, and how could you not notice such a vehicle with that vibrant paint scheme. Though the folks in this picture are discussing the next vehicle I have to show you. I will quote the shorty’s driver as saying “He is a sick sick man.” Referring to the effort and attention to detail that had gone into the 4×4 ahead of him.

CJ Event-19

The machine in question is this Early model Hilux, looking better than factory. With so much work going in to restoring and tastefully modifying a vehicle like this, one needs to be a bit sick in the head. In the best possible way, of course.

CJ Event-21

Everything was flawless from the paint to the undercarriage, even the plastics around the lights.

CJ Event-59

Lastly we have the lone wolf G60 Nissan Patrol. A machine I never knew existed, as we are more prone to early Land Cruiser ownership here in Australia than early Patrols. This shot concluding the first part of our event coverage.


Thanks for tuning in and hang around because we have a heap more to bring to you.


Photos: Laurent Budihardjo + Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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