Event Coverage: Classic Japan 2015 – Part 2 New friends and the finer details.

The second part of our event coverage will focus on the finer details of the machines as well as some of the owners and modifiers you meet when we all come together.

CJ Event-2

Kenmeri lights and a GTR badge are sure to attract Datsun fans like moths to a flame.

CJ Event-1

Show quality engine bays are so nice to look at. When everything is laid out in a tidy and orderly fashion, it can elevate a vehicle into a whole other league.

CJ Event-3

Pulling out the polishing cloth always works wonders too, especially when you have eye catching feature pieces in your engine bay.

CJ Event-4

Simple and  effective also does the job well, as shown here on the 13B.

CJ Event-6

A restored vehicle is a perfect base to start modifications, if you have the coin, as the quality of everything around is already high, allowing any new parts to slot right in without standing out too much. The factory components in this engine bay are in such good condition that you could almost be mistaken for thinking it was modified.

CJ Event-50

Sometimes the details that catch your eye, are not there to get attention, simply doing a job, such as keeping an adjustments screw in position.

CJ Event-49

Or informing you of the specifications that came with the machine.

CJ Event-5

Eye catching items are everywhere at all events, but especially at an event of this calibre with so many vehicles to peruse through. These restricted plates from Japan allow people to drive their race car on the road, realistically letting you drive your dedicated race car to and from the race track. Those forward thinking Japanese have it sussed.

Next time you’re at an event, be it a car park meet or full-on show, take a moment to look around at the attending vehicles and spot some of the features that make that car unique.

CJ Event-35

Wheels are one of my favourite details to drool over, but really not many parts give your car such a striking appeal, that can either make or break the whole look of your setup. Get it right and you are winning, but getting it wrong is an entirely different story.

CJ Event-34

CJ Event-37

External oil coolers seem to be a stand-out theme this year, though sadly almost all of the items I saw were not connected, rather the hose ran inside the grille then back out to connect to the corresponding fitting.

CJ Event-23

Promoting rust on panels was a trend that really took hold in the US in recent years, but is slowly fading out. though it can still be used to clever effect, such as seen on this Gemini panel van.

CJ Event-30

They say loud pipes save lives, and what better application for this than on the back of an S800 Race replica, this little weapon would definitely wake the neighbours.

CJ Event-65

Parking your matching vehicles along side each other is a good way to highlight the differences within each, shown here with this pair of Datsun 620’s.

CJ Event-48

CJ Event-60

These matching PGC10 Skylines, referred to as the ‘Hakosuka’ were so similar but slightly different, one is more true to the original GTR where the other has been built to drive and have as much fun as possibly without sacrificing the drivability of the machine.

CJ Event-61

Meeting these owners and their cars is the best part. I happened to be walking by the pair of Hakosuka’s when I noticed one of the owners inside. This is Kev and his Hako that was driven down from Sydney for the event. Kev is a top bloke, allowing people to sit in the car and sharing his wisdom of everything Datsun and carbureted. All of this was no big deal for him, because Kev knows that sharing his pride and joy as well as his knowledge with others, is what this automotive culture is all about. Thanks for the chat Kev.

CJ Event-54

Next we have ‘Lily The Celica’ and her owner Troy. They travelled over from Radelaide (Adelaide) to allow us to bask in her beauty, and what a job Troy has done. This RA23 Celica ticks all the boxes for me.

CJ Event-63

Troy also dabbles in photography (more like kills it), but more than that he is an enthusiast who is nothing but complimentary and an all-round nice guy.

CJ Lux-licious-17

We finish on Mitch’s RN25 Hilux, another machine making all the right moves. Check out the original owners manual and warranty booklets.

CJ Event-64

Mitch 100% gets it, he is a young bloke that loves his Hilux and loves driving low, he appreciates everything and everyone, and lives this life full time, his free time involves learning about cars and building cars.  Mitch is the embodiment of the dedication we strive for. Thankfully we were able to send him back to Radelaide with an Auto Fiend Katakana window banner as a memento of his travels.

On that note we end the main event coverage and hope you will hang around as the spotlights and side features are coming next. We do not stop here at Auto Fiend.


Photos: Laurent Budihardjo + Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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