Event Coverage: Toyota Winterfest 2015 – Details and The Wheels of Winterfest

For this post I intend to focus on some of the finer details of the vehicles from Winterfest.


This detailed 4A-GE was powering one of the machines we are featuring in the next post. The perspex cover reveals a pair of HKS adjustable cam gears. The freshly painted cam covers demand attention compared to the hidden purple cam gears.


Another 4A-GE, this time in a RWD format with a COP (Coil On Plug) setup, as well as ITB’s and those headers…


Oh my, those headers. I believe they are from Powercraft. Not a cheap option for your octopus pipe needs. But so damn good looking.


Another bay from the next feature article. An immaculate factory engine bay, you really could eat off any surface on this car.


There is always one oddball, in this case a Diesel powered version of the Corolla, a CE100, the perfect sedan for a diesel mechanic to use as a daily. Though Toyota’s usually don’t need a whole lot of repairs. 😉


This 1G-FE is fitted with the very hard to find TTE (Toyota Team Europe) Supercharger Kit, giving the 2 litre six, some much needed punch.


This 2TC was in a TA22 Celica, and showed off another set of very attractive headers.


Also fitted with a pair of twin barrel side-draughts with an enclosed intake to help with road  legality.


Can you guess what this engine was powering? I’ll give you a hint. It has 2 cylinders and they are in a boxer configuration and this is no Subaru.


There were a few engine swaps in a crew of cars that came down from interstate. This example was an SR20DET powered KE30.


This beautifully executed example comprised of the incredible F20C from the S2000 being placed in another KE30, flawless execution.

Now lets move on to ‘The Wheels of Winterfest’. My favourite part of every show. The wheels truly make the car in every situation.


We start with a set of very cool and wide SSR MK2’s, fitted to this MA61.


Let’s just get another angle of that dish. That sweet sweet dish.


Rays / Volk Racing wheels have recently released a modern retro line in the form of the TE37V (the V is for Vintage). The idea behind the new model, was to have a wheel with the modern technology and look of the renowned TE37, but more suited to vintage / retro vehicles than the Classic TE37. Throw some “super sticky” Yokohama AD08R’s on for good measure, and that is about as good as it gets.


The Work Equip 03 is a classic choice. Fitted with some Toyo Proxes R1-R’s, Fantastic.


Don’t mind me ‘nerding out’ on wheel and tyre combo’s. They are just so crucial to the look and handling of all machines. Such as these O.Z Racing Rally with Yokohama Ao48 semi-slicks.


Then we go much larger with these Rays TE37 Tokyo Time Attack edition’s wrapped in the Hankook Ventus V12 Evo, though quite worn down.


These on the other hand I am unsure of, but they look very nice and the fitment is spot on. A tidy VIP look.

This concludes the detail and wheels post. But we still have one more from Winterfest, so stay tuned.


Photos: Laurent Budihardjo + Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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