Event Coverage: Toyota Winterfest 2015 – Twin Spotlight

There were two cars at Winterfest that really stood out from the rest, not to take away from the fantastic machines in attendance, but the presentation and attention to detail these two demonstrated was above the rest.

Interestingly they were both from the same chassis code, though with a small difference.


I will showcase the AE82 Twin Cam first. Having seen this hatch at the welcome dinner for special and interstate guests, I was already aware of its presence. So I couldn’t wait till the actual event to so see it in the daylight.


As you may have noticed, the plates, as well as being a very desirable combination, tell you that this car came from interstate, namely South Australia.


The front bumper seems to have come from the two door hatch version, and really sets off the front end, with a factory race kit look.


Pop the bonnet and you are greeted by the venerable 4A-GE, with which this model was blessed, housed in the immaculate engine bay, with not a drop of oil or spec of dirt to be seen.


The cam covers have been treated to a lick of super vibrant orange paint, to make a feature point in the engine has many goodies attached to it, with a stainless exhaust manifold, individual throttle bodies housed within a plenum receiving filtered air…


…via the carbon airbox and beautiful lobster back welded intake pipe.


Rolling stock consists of a set of Work Equip 03’s all around, wrapped in Toyo Proxes R1-R tyres, and hiding a set of Wilwood calipers, when you have put this much time and money into your pride and joy, you want to make sure that your braking equipment is more than up to the job.

WF-85Here we have both cars parked up, and now we move onto our next spotlight vehicle. The AE82 FX-GT Twin cam


Before Winterfest came along this year, I am ashamed to say, I was totally unaware of the existence of a two door AE82 hatch. This was understandable, as the FX-GT is a rare car on our shores, basically created as a sportier version of the four door. This hatch would go on to compete against the likes of the AE86 in Touring Car competitions around the world.


To say this FX-GT was immaculate would be an understatement. This car had not a spec of dust on any surface and the paint was incredible.


The Bigport 16V 4A-GE had been treated to very minimal visual modifications. It seemed that every nut, bolt, wire and hose had been replaced with new items, and was probably cleaner than when it rolled off the production line.


A stock engine bay is rarely this attractive.


To complete the visual package on this hatch was the addition of a TOM’S window banner and TOM’S / O.Z Racing Rally wheels, wrapped in Hankook Ventus RS3 Semi Slicks fot eat ultimate FWD corolla configuration.

I hope you have enjoyed the coverage of the 2015 TCCAV Toyota Winterfest as much as I enjoyed being there. If you get a chance next year it is certainly worth your time attending this event, as it only gets bigger every year.

Photos: Laurent Budihardjo + Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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