Event Coverage: All Toyota Winterfest 2015 – A General Assortment

After the Corolla only post it was time to give you an good idea of the true variety of machines that were on hand at Winterfest 2015.


Machines such as this very rare *x3* series Mark 2 two door Cressida rolling on a combo of modern vintage themed wheels, Work Wheels CR-01’s on the front and RAYS
TE37V’s on the rear. The only time I have ever seen a two door in the flesh.


RA Celica’s fairly uncommon in the wild, though plentiful at Winterfest.


Loving that painted branding on tyres is making a comeback, so much visual appeal, takes me right back to watching competitions such as the BTCC and the similar.


The first gen Celica GT-four doesn’t get much praise, but is such a tidy and simple performer with great rally heritage,  flying under the radar with ease.


The SW20 MR2 is much less subtle, having earnt the name “The Baby Ferrari”, they rarely roll around unnoticed. With an example this clean why would you want to be stealth.


The variety was great and value was varied, from the humble *T14* series Corona to the Crown in the background, all budgets were catered for.


The shovel nose Corona is another machine we see little of on our roads, but that is more of an age related factor. Nice to see them being appreciated and kept in action.


The shining light for the japanese after market industry of late has been the release of the FT86/BRZ which has a large amount of after market support.


I believe it may be the only one in Australia currently. Therefore, making this one very special beast. The second generation Mark X (GRX130) has been in production since 2009, but has only just reached our shores. And what a serious looking beast it is.


With a set of RAYS TE37’s and some tidy after market accessories, it gives the VIP machine a very performance based look.


The number of sleeper Cressida’s getting around with 1JZ swaps, show that no one is safe from the sedan often thought of as a ‘Nanna’s car’.


Immaculate Celica’s were second in popularity only to FWD Corolla’s, but Ash’s TA was flying the flag high.


A car I had been seeing progress shots of on facebook for a while leading up to the event made an appearance with its new insane wheel and arch combo.


The extra width provided by the over fenders was still not enough to contain the raucous Work wheels.


Along with collecting wheels and bad habits, I also collect stickers, so it is nice to meet others who share my afflictions.


Got stickers, and a bad ass MA61 then why not combine the two. While your at it throw some monster size SSR Mk2’s on to fill those gaping arches. Classy.


My what a big wing, with a bunch of adjustment, and a serious diffuser to accompany it. But what kind of animal would need such modifications.


Well this particular animal happens to be, what looks like, a dedicated AE92 Corolla track car with 4A-GZE and much aero addition.

Thanks for reading and  stay tuned for the rest of the coverage.

Photos: Laurent Budihardjo and Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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