Event Coverage: TCCAV Winterfest 16′

Another year ticks by and another TCCAV Winterfest, an event I aim to attend each year. As I have for the last 5 years or so.

Each year I roll in I see more and more people I know, and for me this is a massive part of going to shows.

Winterfest 16-67

This event brings out so many classics from all era’s of Toyota Production, but you can’t look past the Corolla for popularity, as this was truly Toyota’s ‘People’s Car’.

Winterfest 16-60

Older Corolla’s are so shapely, such as this KE20 owned by a good mate. SSR Starsharks really set of the well worn paint.

Winterfest 16-20

When showing off your vehicle, sometimes having a very uncommon model such as this KE55 Corolla Lift-back simply isn’t enough. You then have the option to also set up a form of display and really stand out from the pack.

Winterfest 16-55

Classically styled USDM Panelvan front on this KE70, subtle differences such as the amber corner lights and chrome bar make this stand out and look quite different to the ADM model we received locally.

Winterfest 16-47

Race car *A2* Celica with a fairly minimal front structure and FRP bonnet for track duties. But how do you look past that very serious 3S-GE Beams with ITB’s and Stainless headers? That would no doubt rocket this car around the track.

Winterfest 16-66

Showing serious camber in a bit of a different perspective for a change. It really helps to show the severity of the camber in comparison to the vehicle. Also get some of that flake up ya.

Winterfest 16-32

EP82 Starlet GT, with what appear to be a set of Mugen MF10’s, cross branding, but a good look never the less.

Winterfest 16-64

A KE70 that is loved and taken care of just always looks good. I am very biased though….

Winterfest 16-62

Seriously tough looking *Z20 Soarer rolling on BBS LM’s, and going by the badging a 7M-GTE.

Winterfest 16-14

You like Bunny’s? We got all kinds, V1, V2, and there is even a Pandem Kitted 86 kickin around now too.

Winterfest 16-51

The ZN6 seems to have become a victim of the epic stance craze worldwide, they are plentiful enough, and it is good seeing younger cats getting back into spending small fortunes on their cars. If they can get away with driving this low and not getting pinged by the POPO every time they hit asphalt, then more power to them. And who doesn’t love low AF cars anyway.

Winterfest 16-48

Classy fitment on this RB kitted 86, all quality with the Bridgestone Potenza RE003’s wrapped around….

Winterfest 16-36

Lovely three piece Work Meister M1’s. Yep I can get around this, very photogenic as well.

Winterfest 16-45

Vippers always represent strongly at Winterfest. Crown Town, and an LS.

Winterfest 16-33

Hang on what’s goin on over here…

Winterfest 16-37

Oh that is trick. It took a few cracks to properly show this in action. Big fan.

Winterfest 16-21

Tough as bloody nails. This RA40 GT Celica was reasonably subtle at a glance till you start looking closer. Semi Slick Advan A050’s wrapped around Rays TE37V’s, subtle yet strong looking front lip working its way up to the fenders, bonnet pins, gusseted roll cage and Mark Williams rear axles, hinting at potentially substantial power.

Winterfest 16-13

Beutiful Turquoise  paint with original GT decals all set off by a set of RS Watanabe’s. Splendid.

Winterfest 16-5

Quad light, Chrome bar *E7*. Boss raw and I love them.

Winterfest 16-2

Another year down. Another massive show filled with quality vehicles.


Photos: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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