Event Coverage: WTAC 2015 – Showing off the classics

As we get closer to the 2016 event, I felt like digging up some of the awesome historics that get pulled out for the World Time Attack festivities.

WTAC Main 15-12

Everyone loves a Ford Sierra Cosworth, these things revolutionised the way people built race cars when they arrived in Australia. With their massive power from a tiny turbocharged 2 liter, the combination was so foreign to stereotypical big v8 and heavy sedan setups we were running prior.

WTAC Main 15-9

This unique machine was an Argo JM19 #106 Mazda based sports car. A fair animal, though I didn’t happen to see it out on track unfortunately.

WTAC Main 15-10

Aerodynamic arches and centerlock BBS racing wheels are perfect for the time.

WTAC Main 15-22

Then we come across the famous Gibson Motorsport R32 GTR driven by Jim Richards and Mark Skaife to much success.

WTAC Main 15-11

A striking colour combo.

WTAC Main 15-1

The rather long breaker bar required for loosening such a large centerlock nut.

WTAC Main 15-5

Out in action for the parade laps.

WTAC Main 15-17

The Skyline contrasting against the Replica Zakspeed Mk1 Escort flown over from New Zealand.

WTAC Main 15-18

The bubble arches and Castrol livery grabbing attention.

WTAC Main 15-19

WTAC Main 15-7

WTAC Main 15-8

The Escort looked right at home surrounded by the stands of the racetrack.

WTAC Main 15-6

But probably more so on the racetrack itself.

WTAC Main 15-4

A close up of those heavily worked arches that allow for very beefy wheels and tyres.

WTAC Main 15-21

A worked YB four cylinder is the perfect finishing touch to an incredible machine.

WTAC Main 15-20

Moving on to the S3 Mazda RX7 campaigned by the legendary Allan Moffat.

WTAC Main 15-3

WTAC Main 15-31

A much less common racing relic was this Mitsubishi Starion, a formidable predecessor to the Evolution Lancer that was to come.

WTAC Main 15-35

The Evolution 3 Lancer is by far my favourite of the Evo Lancer bloodline, even riding high in rally spec.

WTAC Main 15-27

Another Gibson Motorsport Skyline also raced by Mark Skaife. This thing really knows how to dump flames on over run.

WTAC Main 15-26

Ex-Toyota Team Australia AE86 from the good old days. What I would give for one of these bad bessies.

WTAC Main 15-36

And we finish up with the Chickadee Toyota Celica. A classic with a serious exhaust note and very deep Simmons wheels.


Hopefully this gets you excited for the upcoming World Time Attack Challenge 2016.

We will be there again as always, so if you spot us cruising around, shout out. You may even get a sticker.


Pictures: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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