Group Feature: *A2* Celica owners of Classic Japan 2015

At the end of Classic Japan I was asked by Ash (a CJ organiser) to coordinate a group photo of the remaining Celica’s and their owners, as well as some more detailed shots of the assembly.

Enjoy the shots, and a thank you to Ash, the Classic Japan team and the owners for their patience on such a hot day.

CJ Sillycars-3

CJ Sillycars-19

CJ Sillycars-14

CJ Sillycars-12

CJ Sillycars-16

CJ Sillycars-11

CJ Sillycars-9

CJ Sillycars-7

CJ Sillycars-20

CJ Sillycars-5

CJ Sillycars-22


The last image is setup for use as a facebook banner, if that suits your desires.


Photos: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew


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