Event Coverage: Coffee and Classics by FUEL Magazine

Flicking through the various magazines and sites I frequent, I came across a poster advertising a casual meet, This event was hosted by FUEL Magazine and I am a big fan of their work.

C+C PM-1

The location was Fennell St, Port Melbourne.

C+C PM (F)-10

Conveniently open on the day was Uncle Rocco’s Barber Shop, with its thoroughly classical decor.

C+C PM (F)-1

This Ford Ranchero was in great condition and warranted some film shots.

C+C PM-3

The Ford ‘Y’ block sitting right at home in the bay.

C+C PM -2

So fresh and so clean.

C+C PM-6

Subtle colour choice with what looks to be a dark green on the Ford Customline.

C+C PM-11

Some forced induction V8 goodness lay inside this unassuming Holden HK ute. The widened rears may give the game away.

C+C PM-10

One day I will own a Model A Ford such as this ’31 coupe, Black on black with a subtle roof chop, and not so subtle rake. Until then I will have to just enjoy looking at this.

C+C PM-12

There were winners everywhere, not excluding this Plymouth Roadrunner.

C+C PM-5

Stickers are global even as far as having Japanese on a Caddy.

C+C PM-7

Neil from Primal Garage rode down on his Yamaha SR250 cafe. A fun looking little bike.

C+C PM (F)-7

Cadillac and fins really go hand in hand. More film shots were required.

C+C PM (F)-4

62 Series Cadillac on low.

C+C PM (F)-6

Huge inside and looking very comfortable.

C+C PM (F)-5

What do we have here.

C+C PM-15

My research puts this Bentley at around 1929 and a 4 1/2 Litre, making it one classical and classy dame indeed.

C+C PM (F)-12

The twin SU Carbies and 4L+ capacity made for 110Hp (82kw) in Touring trim and 130hp (97kw) in Racing.

C+C PM-16

Now if it’s old and English, it’s gonna have leaks. But given her age I think we can let it go.

C+C PM (F)-11

Mercedes really do have plush and luxurious dialled in.

C+C PM (F)-9

It was quite a social environment, though not very warm.

C+C PM (F)-8

The star of the day was this Sprint Car that is actually featured in the current issue of Fuel, which happens to be in the central man’s hand.

C+C PM-19

After reading the current issue of FUEL, I now know that this particular car has a well known motorsport history.

C+C PM-21

And though it looks perfect as is, it is actually undergoing a restoration to be its true self again.

C+C PM-24

A special find on Australian shores is this little Mazda.

C+C PM-9

With it’s gull-wing doors, the little Mazda was actually built by Suzuki and sold by Mazda under its Autozam brand. Hence the name the Mazda Autozam AZ-1.

C+C PM-25

The tiny AZ-1 is dwarfed by the already very small AW11 Toyota MR2, giving you an idea of just how tiny the Kei-class car is.

C+C PM (F)-3

Seen here with it’s Manaray Turbina wheels, the AZ1 is truly a rare beast.

C+C PM-17

Number #14 to finish off the coverage of the event.

I will definitely be back for future events.

Photos: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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