Event Coverage: Oil Stained Brain 2014 – Within the Kommune

The event was again held at The Kustom Kommune in Collingwood. Really worth looking up what these guys are all about.


The Kommune is all character.


There is cool dripping off the lane-way.


These two Harley’s were built in-house by the guys running the Kustom Kommune for Harley Davidson.


Fantastic pipe work. I just love show quality exhaust systems.


This ’75 Honda CR750 is a replica based off the CB750.


As there were only 4 made by Honda, obtaining one is fairly out of the question for the common man.


This ’84 BMW K100 is known as ‘The Hornet’, these bikes are rapidly growing in popularity now following the path of their air-cooled brethren.


This slick bobber is a ’62 Triumph Pre-Unit Trophy built by a father and son in the carport, perfect.


This little 2 stroke smoker was built by the well known Nigel Petrie of Engineered to Slide fame, the ‘2 Stroke Chopper’ is based off an ’83 Suzuki TS185 for less than $500 to be the most fun machine you could imagine. Thinking outside the box is key to building something unique.


The ‘Blue Falcon’ is an ’86 Harley Davidson Sportster, built by a mate for a mate.


The springer front end is such an attractive piece, and from what I have been told it is a hard item to get right. A setup that is not correct for the bike will result in a pogo-stick like ride, or so I am told.


The ‘Dirty Rat 2’ consists of a ’71 JAWA CZ with parts from all over the place, such as the accelerator cable, originally the power cord on a vintage iron. Handlebars and rear fender from a lowrider bicycle found on hard rubbish.


Now for something completely different, Restored and fettled by Supacustom is an original Ossa MAR Special (Mick Andrews Replica) a famous and very successful Trials bike.


The Trials scene seems to be a small one, but the sport requires a massive amount of balance, dexterity and skill.


‘RAW’ is a Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer, and is one hell of a unique build, the CBX series have an inline six cylinder engine and sometimes six exhaust pipes to go with them.


At first glance this mini bike looks like many others, but this is more than just an ’81 Honda Z50JZ. This little bad boy is road registered and from what I have read about it goes bloody hard.


So many aftermarket accessories on this beast. All of the braided hoses and polished aluminium you could stand.


I have a huge soft spot for BSA’s, This example has so much character and was possibly my favourite bike of the show. The ‘Bunyip’ is a BSA B33 with a combination of ’49 engine and ’55 frame.


The fork assembly is actually from an Indian. helping immensely with the boardtrack theme and inspiration.


The parts are from all kinds of models. But it all just works so damn well.


Back to your more conventional chopper we have this ’49 Harley Davidson Knucklehead.


The knuckles are actually gold plated.


The ‘Buzz Bomb’ a ’73 Vespa Sprint Veloce, a little 2 stroke weapon with so many cool features built in.


A ’51 Panhead imported from the US, this is a really cool classic.


The classic Harley engine is distinctive.


Hypnotic wheels.


A wild rear fender attached to this ’72 Shovelhead Harley.


This bare metal Harley had some wild art applied to it.


There is a distinctive geometric flare to this work, and if you know the work then you know the name.


“If you don’t know, then now you know…”. No other than the one and only Ornamental Conifer, I am quite a fan.


Bit of photography of some cool biz never hurt anyone, should try and get this picture.


Really not sure what model or brand this bike is. But what I do know is it is a super minimal fun machine.


To finish up, another shot of the CR750 Replica, what a tough machine.

Thanks for browsing through this coverage, it’s a bit long, but I just couldn’t throw many of the shots away.

Photos: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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