Event Coverage: Oil Stained Brain 2014 – The Street Riff Raff.

2014 saw the hosting of Oil Stained Brain. This was my second time attending the event and after going in 2013 and taking a bunch of photos without shooting any of the information about the bikes, it made for a hard time trying to find information about individual builds.


Lesson learnt, I attended the 2014 event with this knowledge. Now if you follow this site, you will know that we mainly cover car events but we do dabble in toys of the 2 wheel variety, so forgive me for any mistakes made.


Really tidy and original looking BSA single parked up with the other riff raff.


The Saint 356 Outlaw Porsche, Saint had a bike inside too. This drew a large amount of attention.


Seeing the machines people bring to attend events is always interesting.


Having bright colours goes a long way towards being seen on the busy melbourne roads.


Stark difference’s.


More of that stunning BSA.


Bikes take up so much less space parked on the street, it also makes it harder to get shots of them individually though.


Let this first post be a taster of this fantastic event. Now stay tuned for the coverage from within the Kommune itself.

It’s really not something you want to miss.


Photos: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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