Event Coverage: World Time Attack Challenge 2014 – Classic Racers and The Flying 500

With the various motorsport groups showcased at WTAC, there is always a treat in stall.

In this instance we bring to you some highlights from the field of Classic Racers as well as the Flying 500 monsters.


To open the Classic Racers section we have a magnificent Ford GT40, arguably one of the best known race cars to ever grace a racetrack.


Here is the Nissan SSS Bluebird from Group C of the Australian Touring Car Championship (ATCC). Driven by George Fury the machine set the lap record at Bathurst (Mt Panorama) in 1984, a record that was not beaten till the 1990 event.


The AE86 was very successful within it’s class during it’s time in the ATCC, taking over 20 wins in a two year period, this particular car was responsible for the bulk of these wins.


The Lancia 037 seen here overtaking a MK2 Ford Escort, is a very rare sight on Australian shores, and even with it’s Rally spec (Group B) gearing, it still put on one hell of a show.


This 7M-GTE powered MA70 Toyota Supra was beautifully presented, and another rarity to see in racing guise.


The Mitsubishi Starion was once revered in Australia, but there are so few around these days, they have almost been forgotten by many enthusiasts. Another immaculate racing example though.

The Flying 500 event concept is fairly simple, the organisers mark out a 500 metre stretch of the main straight at Sydney Motorsport Park, and whoever reaches the highest speed by the end of the marked area is the victor. The cars must run on radial tyres, have number plates and  two front seats. Simple enough.

Several shops rocked up with their big guns.


 This example was from the guys at Turbosmart and was a Series 4 Mazda RX7 with a very serious 13B turbo, wearing the famed RE-Amemiya kit (Amemiya San was also at the event).


PJ Torony was there with his S13, a vehicle he has been campaigning for years. This bad boy just gets tougher and faster ever year, currently capable of a street legal and registered 8 second quarter mile pass. Also a very friendly guy to chat to.


This Evolution Lancer was a worthy contender, but I feel the high downforce capable from the Voltex wing may have hindered it’s high speed ability.


Last but not least I give you the R32 Nissan Skyline GTR ‘NITTO II’, built by Trent Whyte and the team at Mercury Motorsports in Queensland.


This monster was making around 1300 horsepower at all four wheels and was a serious indication of what the team at Mercury Motorsport can do with a GTR.


It may have number plates, but this is definitely no street car. The parachute might give the game away. On day one the monster was running on a low boost setting, to get a good feeling for the task at hand. When day two rolled around it was a new beast though, with the full power setting  selected and the decimation of its competitors in the near future, NITTO II came out and destroyed the competition.


And on that bombshell, thanks for reading and stay posted for the rest of the coverage still to come from World Time Attack.

Photo’s by: Chris Carver and Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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