Event Coverage: World Time Attack Challenge 2014 – Show ‘N’ Shine

A bit delayed, due to needing to upgrade the site, but the shots from World Time Attack Challenge will be starting to emerge. It took a large amount of sorting, but they are starting to group together. This is the first of several posts from the event.

In this post, as the title suggests, we will be covering the Show and Shine section of the event.


I open with this Bosozoku Skyline animal, brought in by Team Wild Speed (More shots further down).


There were plenty of Silvia’s in the Show, but these two contrasted so nicely to each other.


That gold tint really sets this S13 off for me. Who would think it would suit a champagne two tone colour scheme.


This awesome NA MX5 caught my eye from rows away, The piercing colour, perfect wheel and chunky semi slick choice, added with the body modifications really made this stand out.


Everyone is loving the Aero wheels lately, and with good reason. These Volk’s with semi’s are straight OG cool.


Aggressive and low, great looking colour matched accessories are not over the top and really set this S14 off.


Ek Civic rollin dirty with TE37V’s and battered lip, ticked all the boxes for me.


Will circuit spec be the look for 2015? If so I am not unhappy. Tough R32 GTR.


Driven all the way up from Melbourne, this WRX was looking as baller as ever.


Sydney really impressed with the quality of car’s being presented.


The only way to get a nice offset from the wheels on your WRX, add flares and fill them out. Such a clean example.


There was no shortage of Evolution Lancer’s at the event, though these two really had a presence about them.


A serious amount of Dish on these white Work XD9’s.


CCW’s and brake upgrades, not for the light-of-wallet.


Very low for an all paw, but bags are not only for groceries.


Now back to the star of the show, a front lip like this requires heavy duty supports.


Whoever built this car back in the mother land really pulled out all the stops, this bad boy had a Slit-Spoiler, Ducktail, huge multi level wing and extreme bolt on over fenders. A necessity to house those crazy wide SSR MK1’s all around.


Some more local hero’s of the Evo scene.


You may be hearing a jet, but it is more likely the legendary beast of the HKS turbo range, The HKS T51R, this model was the KAI originally rated to supply up to 800hp. Matching this up to the venerable RB26 was a match made in heaven.


Alongside the beast mode R33 GTR was an equally impressive RX7 Series 5. Two titans of the show.


What an immaculate and extreme engine bay, The RX7 engine bay is now home to the sought after 20B triple rotor.


Everything about this incredible RX7 was fantastic, from the wheels to the paint, nothing disappointed.

And that concludes our coverage of the Show ‘N’ Shine.

But stay tuned for the next piece of event coverage from World Time Attack 2014.

Photo’s by: Chris Carver and Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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