Event Coverage: Last Minute Wax – Part 2

We continue with the remainder of the show coverage.


Back into it with this pair of lovelies.


Factory Aero packages are gaining popularity, and when they look this good, you can see why.


The lip poke is mighty nice.


It’s low, the wheel game is killer and the fitment is on point. Keep up the good work.


A useful comparison between the front’s of the same model car (the AE86), we have the Trueno (pronounced Toreno) on the left and Levin on the right.


Ducktail town.


External oil coolers are popular on Boso cars in Japan, but a lot riskier to run them in Australia, with our harsh road rules.


I took the chance to bring some of my wheels out and put them on show at the ZC stand.


Tough looking Street S14 paired with my favourite MX32 Cressida in Victoria.


These two cars proved very popular, both sitting on the deck with great fitment and wheel choice.


Simply delicious.


Unfortunately this car proved too popular and has since been STOLEN! We really hope BIG MAK gets her back soon.


Back on a positive note, these two stunners.


This little beauty just slipped right in unnoticed, but it was so clean and so tidy.


One of my favourite cars in the show was this Track-Ready Cefiro.


With such a detailed and kitted out RB20, she was spot on.


MRR-34 sat so low on it’s bags and for a dedicated show car was definitely extreme.


For the very first show, we feel the turnout was right up there with the quality, Great!

Hopefully we can do another event like this in the near future.

A massive thanks to everyone who came and participated.

Peace out.

Photo’s: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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