Event Coverage: Chopped 2014 – Using them is all the fun.

Though it is great to have a beautiful machine, there really is no better thrill than getting out there and driving, or thrashing, them as they were intended.


Cram your Renault Dauphine full of mates and off you go around the camp site.


Everywhere you look, there were cars, utes, trucks and bikes rolling around packed to the brim.


This is one of the features of Chopped that makes it so enjoyable, if you managed to get it to the show and get the thumbs up from the officials, then you can drive it as much as you want.


It really tugs on the heart strings to see an un-restored Ford Model A kicking around in stock trim. These cars are not far off hitting 100 years of age.


Most cars are there just to have fun in, this guy seemed to be constantly cruising around the camp site if not out on the track. The seating arrangement makes this a solo drive only though. Given the size of that wind shield, a helmet would be advisable too.


The ladies love a well painted car. You may recognise this car from the Kustom Nats coverage we did a while back. This particular car actually belongs to Adam from Bodyshop Paint Supplies Geelong.

_MG_5743 (2)

A classical line up. Where else would you see such a thing.

_MG_5747 (2)

A wise man once said “If in doubt, flat out…”.


Competition knows no boundaries. Bikes against cars. The more the better.


Wind on the throttle and hold on, the dirt strip can be a cruel mistress.


Lovely, Bare metal, White walls and dust.


Sometimes on the dirt, things can get hairy, commitment is the key to getting out the other side unscathed.


Don’t like the dirt then take to the grass.


A very deceiving vehicle, this Model A Ford Tourer was dealing out beatings on the drag strip all weekend.


Everyone behind the wheel was having an awesome time.


The perfect environment to get out behind the wheel and have some fun.


The Dirt Drag Strip was easily the main attraction for the event, the fences were covered in onlookers.


This may come as a surprise to some people, but a Ford Galaxie 500, is faster than a stock Morris Major in a drag race. I know, I know, shocking.


This acid bathed Ford Econoline was not having such a good time, but they got it going again and back to the camp site.


The Big Hoss out on his bike, That helmet flake was insane.


Un-restored and modified or Nostalgia themed. The choice is hard.

Jezz and Geoff

Good mates having a great time. ‘Run what you Brung’ defined.


Big boys on small bikes.


Methanol and the night air. Priceless. A fitting end to this post.

Stay tuned for the third and final post from Chopped 2014.

Photo’s: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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