Event Coverage: Chopped 2014 – Details and Age.

The key component in the overall look of a lot of vehicles of this type, is the details built into them.  And some of these details that have developed over time. Its an age related thing


Signage with the name of the vehicle is a great way of making your machine unique when compared with others of the same model. A bit of red window tint never hurts either.


 Sometimes the detail is all within the engine, in this case a polished Hemi.


 Nothing looks quite as nice as injection and a set of trumpets on top.


Blue coated exhaust’s are another sure fire way to stand out, and don’t they just look amazing.


 Rust adds character and a uniqueness that comes with the years.


 If the paint hasn’t already faded and worn away you can get some amazing textures coming through.


 A rusting dash and steering wheel to go with a period correct odometer gauge._MG_5783With age comes decay and with decay comes patina.


 Even chrome can only fight rust for so long before it starts to work its way through.


 In some cases the machine has had a complete respray, but when you take them out onto a mud track, you are bound to take some away with you. But that’s half of the fun of it.


 Some machines seem to carry more mud around than others, almost becoming one with the environment.  How zen.


 Every method of transport takes its toll at an event like this. Even the trusty old Vans. These shoes could tell some stories.

That concludes our Chopped coverage for 2014, I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Photo’s: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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