Event Coverage: ADGP Finals Calder Park Raceway 2014

The ADGP Finals for 2014 were held at Calder Park Raceway, on a section of the track connected to the well known Thunderdome. The Banked course entry leading into the first turn is great for testing drivers.

The action was close.


The days battles provided great viewing.


More than capable of pushing out big smoke.


This R33 just looked flawless sideways.


This lovely looking RX8 was going strong at corner initiation.

_MG_3223 WM

But I can never see past a well equipped Toyota *E7* Corolla, with a subtly fitted AE86 levin front bumper.

_MG_3201 WM

The show effect of those rear tyres when smoking cannot be denied.

_MG_3225 (2)

Such a noticable blue tint to the emitted smoke.


It doesn’t always go to plan as is evident by the damage to the front of Ryan ‘Slide’ Cummings Slide Industries S13.5.

_MG_3168 WM

Beau Yates was in as always fine form, putting his newly finished Toyota GT86 / FRS to good use.

_MG_3169 WM

The car just sounded and looked so good.

_MG_3174 WM

Whilst the built FA20 showed it was more than capable of pumping out thick plumes of smoke.

_MG_3153 WM

His battle against the Holden V8 powered R32 Skyline seemed to go through endless ‘One More Times’ until a winner was chosen.

_MG_3145 WM

_MG_3159 WM

When drifting, following so closely to the lead car can result in being drawn off the track, a drawback to the dedication of trailing another’s line.

_MG_3160 WM

If you can make it back on track without losing control, you might still be in the running.


Rob Whyte fell victim to too much speed and ran himself wide into the dirt.


Michael Prosenik is always an entertaining driver to watch.


His V8 powered S13 Silvia makes more than enough power and coupled with his ability behind the wheel, has proven to be quite competitive in the various VicDrift and ADGP events.

Thats my coverage from the ADGP finals. As always I hope you enjoyed it and Stay Classy.

Photo’s: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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