Event Coverage: JDM Euro – Sorrento Cruise

 The first time I had heard of this group was when the information for this event popped up on my feed.


So as a quick post I give you the JDM Euro Cruise to Sorrento.


When I rolled in, saw one person I knew, so logically gravitated towards the young James Burge, with his stylish and low S13.


 A wheel and Number plate change for this Camry, It still gets the attention.


If you Modify a car for a certain task or style, why not advertise the fact.


If you have the goods, show them off.


James decided that since there was a trailer left un-attached, he would see if the S13 would fit underneath.


Its a tight fit in there. Soon a crowd emerged. and E-fame is born.


I was serious when I said it was a tight fit.


Once we got to the location at Sorrento Back Beach, everyone parked up (reverse parking is the only way), groupings dictated by make or model, but sometimes just friendship groups.


The Mitsubishi Evolution section got quite a few rides in it.


Then you get an idea for the variety of such an event.


You can’t go wrong with a combination of Honda S2000, Rays Engineering CE28 wheels and carbon fibre.


People have many different ways of drawing you in to look at there vehicle.

This is where I shall leave this post. Hope you enjoyed it.

Photo’s: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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