Vehicle Feature: Dean’s AE86 – The Egg Shell Assassin

Attending the WRX Club Sprint event, I came across this beautiful Toyota notchback AE86 Spinter Levin, proudly owned and piloted by Dean Monik.

It was modified with the goal of making a Go-Kart for the road. What better base to start from?

_MG_3286Not only was it in fantastic condition, but it also had some very choice modifications.

_MG_3289The most obvious of changes was the upgrade from the original Bigport 16V 4A-GE to the newer 20V 4A-GE (which only comes in front wheel drive configuration, therefore must be converted to RWD configuration).

_MG_3258The main appeal of the upgrade to the 20V is the addition of the factory fitted individual throttle bodies (ITB’s), which make for a fantastic intake roar. This example has a custom airbox from a company called Mekaru in Japan, to feed air directly to the throttles via the front pod filter.

_MG_3257A nice addition to the engine is this set of TODA extractors, which are made out of stainless steel and beautifully crafted, these connect to a custom system front to back.

_MG_3288I just cannot get enough of these.

_MG_3287High level craftsmanship is the name of the game from TODA.

_MG_3259The notchback is the least popular of the AE86 range, but the lightest with the highest structural rigidity, which makes the car more responsive to driver input (hence the success during the Australian Touring Car Series).

_MG_3282For track duties the vehicle has been fitted with GReddy Type S Coilovers.


Rolling stock comes by way of Rays Engineering TE37’s in 14 x 7 with zero offset.


Dean has managed a 1:33.71 second lap of Sandown Raceway, as well as a 1:43.50 at Winton Raceway and a 1:57.85 around the legendary Phillip Island Circuit. Suffice to say Dean is no slouch behind the wheel.


It is fantastic to see a car like this in such good condition, and so valuable, being used the way Toyota intended. Flat out on a racetrack.

On that note I must thank the vehicles owner Dean for chatting with me and providing details of the vehicle, which can be found below.

This guy really gets it.

Photo’s: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew



Toyota 4A-GE 20 valve DOHC, inline four, Mekaru Airbox, TODA Headers mated to custom exhaust system.

Factory fitted T50 5-speed transmission.


Suspension / Brakes:

GReddy Type S coilovers with spring rates at 8kg (F) 6kg (R).

Stock brakes with Project Mu HC+ pads, Braided lines.

Wheels / Tyres:

Volk / Rays Engineering TE37 in 14′ x 7′ +- 0 offset (all round), fitted with Dunlop Direzza 2 for track use (though still a road tyre and not R-Spec tread).


Cobra race seat, RPM harness. Nardi Deep Corn Steering wheel.

Future plans:

Tomei PonCams camshafts and an Adaptronic ECU.

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