Event Coverage: WRX Club Sprint – Sandown Raceway 2014

Recently we attended a second WRX Club Sprint event, this time held at Sandown Raceway.


The event though held by the WRX Club of Victoria extends invites to various other clubs including the MX5 club, the Porsche club, Alfa Romeo club and BMW club.


 Making for a very diverse field of entrants.


Due to their popularity as track cars the MX5’s are always being thrown around.


Mainly consisting of the first generation NA MX5’s and the second gen NB (as seen in the earlier image).


The Alfa Romeo club brings out some beautiful vehicles like this GTV.


Classic styling does not seem to age.


Due to the carburettors being mounted on the drivers side of the engine the mesh intake in place of the headlight is pure race car.


 Some of the less popular models make for great track cars.

Stay tuned for a feature maybe even two, on some of the cars from the day, one of which you would not expect to find at a track day like this.

Photo’s: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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