Event Coverage: Melbourne Car Meets – Major Meet #2


A bit over a week ago I attended my second meet held by the up and coming Melbourne Car Meets group.


Of course when you appreciate your vehicle, you want to represent it in its best light, this involves a sometimes thorough process, shown by Jesse here…


And again by Simon on his 180SX, both of which were representing RS Motorworks, along with myself on the day.


Once all set up, this was the end result. Don’t worry about the Supra, that will feature in the next post.


Can’t get a much better plug than a window banner for an automotive page, zeroclearance.net will feature on Auto-Fiend a bit.


We are starting out  with this Audi TT that rolled in with two other equally low and fitted friends.


Widened steelies with bolt on fender flares is always a tough look especially when on a lowered MX-5. The Advan AD08 tyres are a very aggressive pattern also.


This trio of DC5 Honda Integra’s had a real presence when they rolled in. The co-ordinated parking game was strong with many of the groups that rolled into The Gardens.


Rays RE30’s really do the looks of the Integra justice, a tough look revealing the brembo’s beneath.


This MX73 with what appeared to be SSR reverse mesh, and was packing a surprise underneath…


the keen eyed may make out the engine within. A 2.5 litre twin-turbo 1JZ-GTE, a popular swap these days, but one that still makes for a massive sleeper. Who doesn’t love a good sleeper?


The new Toyota GT86 has been embraced globally and for something so new, its incredible to see how many people are modifying these straight out of the box.


Usually it takes years for new vehicles to be modified, but the GT86 seems to have broken that mould. In this case, added lips under the factory bodykit along with the lowered ride height and different wheels.


A good friend and contributor to the page, Chris drives this Evolution 7 both on the street and around the track, when he isn’t taking photo’s that is.


A car you may remember from the Summerdays and engine bays post earlier in the year was this Datsun 260Z, still looking just as stunning. The vehicle build up can found right here on wordpress, as the owner also has a blog.


To finish up we have a unique vehicle that, though a Honda CRX (Del Sol) has the front of an EG Civic with the B18C out of an Integra DC2 Type R. Would be a very quick car.

As always, stay tuned, more coming soon.

Photo’s by: Chris Carver and Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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