Event Coverage: 20th International Island Classic…out on the track.

The action out of the track was fierce, with such a fast track, and one that is so wide in areas, it was bound to make for many passing opportunities and accidents.


Some of the guys riding the smaller bikes just did not have the steam to take off quickly under their own power, so a running start was implemented.


The bigger bikes had more than enough power to fly off the line.


Coming through the Doohan corner the riders were laying right down and still flying.


Before dumping speed and moving around the Southern Loop on their way up to Honda Corner.


The riders coming into Siberia wash off so much speed and have to dive in so deep before the uphill run, exit speed from the corner is crucial for the climb ahead.


Coming over Lukey Heights the riders lay the bikes so flat it looks impossible.


The transfer between turns 10 and 11 is swift.


Turn 11 is a sweeper and gets the knees right down on the track.

_MG_0822Turn 12 is the final and fastest corner leading onto the straight, riders come in with so much speed tucking and leaning in the corner to maximize speed onto the straight.

Some riders can be too keen in the chase leading them to be edged out.


 Rather than letting off the throttle, some just go wider, which in this case lead to running out over the grass.


The electricity in those eyes.


The side car riders are maniacs. Sometimes you just can’t get low enough and you need to bounce a shoulder on the apex.


And sometimes dropping a shoulder is no longer an option when the wheel your above goes skyward.


There are a few gestures the riders seem to have to notify other riders. With the raised open hand…


To the extended leg. Very interested in the meaning of these gestures.

Laps of The Phillip Island Race Circuit are fast and ferocious with every point easily view-able by spectators. Well worth a visit on one of the many events held there.

Photo’s: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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