Event Coverage: 20th International Island Classic… In the pits.

This time I bring to you some shots from the pits at the classic’s.


Another Mike Hailwood themed Dook this time in full race guise, with some tricky race features added, such as the unpainted strip in the fuel tank to view the amount of remaining fuel.


This MV Agusta was ridden by the 15 time world champion Giacomo Agostini. The display team managed to get it started up for the patient fans and this was a crazy angry sounding bike.

_MG_0733This pair of Dirt track racing side-cars were powered by Vincent and J.A.P. engines and were beautifully presented._MG_0734

The Vincent engine’s are popular for their bullet proof construction and design as well as their savage power._MG_0735

These J.A.P. engines are a masterpiece to look at and apparently another rare and impressive piece of machinery.


The side-car set-up was basic and small, making the passenger’s job very involved.


More Vincent powered aggression with this superbike being entered in the events main race. The best sounding bike in said event.


Another Ducati, this time utilising a blast pipe exhaust  to keep trailing riders out of the slipstream.


The small capacity bikes are not to be forgotten either , with this tiny Yamaha showing how light and attractive these machines can be. I was surprised with the amount of smaller bikes racing at this event.


More blast pipes fitted to this mid range capacity CB, 450cc at a guess, and not a shred of unnecessary weight aboard.


Another small capacity bike, this time in the form of a two stroke, easily distinguishable by the expansion chamber built into the exhaust system.


This Honda CB Four was looking like a force to be reckoned with, rolling on Honda Comstar 5 star wheels off the newer generation of CB’s.


This trio of small CC Yamaha TZ’s was a rare sight, with these bikes being worth so much money and highly sought after by vintage race bike collector’s.


What appears top be another TZ, this time with one of its expansion chambers protruding out through a side fairing before crossing over and relieving on the right side.


More TZ love is never going to be a bad thing, these smaller 2 strokes are a formidable race bike and great looking.


A duo consisting of a Honda and Yamaha, both small capacity, and both would be a ball to ride.


The rider reversing this little Honda CB gives you an idea of both the size of these bikes and their riders.


The Bikini Fairing is a helpful touch on these bikes that were naked from factory. Giving the rider a place to hide from the incoming wind at speed.


I think there may have been more Ducati’s at the island Classic than any other marque, both in the races and ridden in by the spectators, followed by BMW’s.

Photo’s: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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