Event Coverage: Kustom Nats 2014 – A lesson in paint..

I recently visited the Kustom Nats held on Phillip Island.

The one thing that kept grabbing my attention was the incredible quality and creativeness of the paintwork.

During my time playing with cars and everything in between I have come to know that being able to paint and paint well is something you are born with. and unfortunately I was not.

_MG_0377 _MG_0378

A high quality paint job can really turn any vehicle into a masterpiece.


A popular canvas for expression through paintwork is the humble motorcycle tank.

Whether it be through lace-work


Pin striping


Heavy metallic flake


Or even bare metal.


The effects all have a high impact.

Which seems to be the point of the Kustom scene.


Nothing is sacred or safe from the brush.


But I don’t think of this as a bad thing.


The Lowrider paint scheme’s are so involved and you can get lost in them just standing over the bonnet.


Multiple colour flake is a very personal feature


Often a combination of techniques is used, such as on this Bobber Peanut fuel tank featuring Heavy Metal Flake, Variegated leaf on the Dragon and Pin striping all combined to make a very impressive piece.


Helmets are also painted with many techniques such as the Scallops and Flake on this item.


Stay around for the next post on the Kustom Nats.

Cheers D…..

Photo’s: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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