Event Coverage: Impromptu Photo shoot

At the conclusion of the Rebuild – Typhoon Haiyan Chairty Meet, a couple of boys managed to hunt around and came across a train storage yard for an impromptu photo shoot location.

And really who doesn’t love the chance for a good photo shoot.

Alistair’s E30 on the Work Equip 01’s

 Bill’s Two tone S13, Offender of the Two Tone Preservation Society in Seafoam Green, wearing Diamond Racing Steelies in 15 x 10 +- 0 on the front with Advan A048 tyres for extra ridiculousness.

The body features the Nissan Aero front bumper, Bomex side skirts and rear bumper.

All leading to the SSR MK2’s on the rear in 15 x 11 – 25 for that stoopid offset and crazy camber to make it work.

Twin Two – Tones… So much Seafoam.

The second Two Tone S13 belongs to Aaron and has some nice touches in the form of a genuine TRA Kyoto Rocket Bunny Ducktail. A very classy touch.


SSR Starshark’s in 14 x 7 + 10 front and 14 x 7.5 +- 0 along with 15mm spacers all round to get them out and sitting nicely with the body.

Rolled the wagon into the sun for a couple of shots. Shameless. Gloss paint is for rich kids. Mwah ha ha….

I leave you with the euro tag team of Alistair’s E30 and Adam’s Bora.

Peace out and keep striving..

Photo’s: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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