Event Coverage: Rebuild. Vic Car Clubs Unite… Typhoon Haiyan Charity Meet Part 1

Last weekend Auto – Fiend was invited to help Represent the ZeroClearance.net Crew at the Rebuild Typhoon Haiyan Charity event. Held at a Truck stop in West Footscray.

The day started early with a Pre-meet car wash in South Morang. Here we met up with some boys from other clubs.

There were the boys of Grass Roots, Callum and Tom.

A couple of boys representing the E30 Crew, Alistair and Aidan.

Steve representing the S12 club.

Then we have the star of today’s show, offending the Two Tone Preservation Society is Bill “Bill Tek” and Aaron being significantly less offensive and oh so pretty with the matching S13 Silvia’s in Seafoam Green.

Aaron rocking the Delish SSR Star Shark set.

We also have the official Auto – Fiend vehicle ’82 Toyota Corolla KE70 Wagon. You may recognise the Watanabe’s from a previous post.

From here it was time to roll. Travelling down the freeway with Crew in tow.

Some things are just universal.

Shameless wagon photos with the SSR MK2’s. Alistair trailing.

Almost there pulling off the freeway now with Adam in the mix with his VW Bora 4 Motion.

Ill save the show for Part 2..

Photo’s: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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