Event Coverage: World Time Attack – Part 2

Right back into it and we have this classic Group A R31 Nissan Skyline from Australia’s glory days of touring car racing. With its potent turbocharged inline 6 cylinder and ability to dump flames with ease, this vehicle is quite a spectacle.

Next we have the very successful and memorable R32 Nissan Skyline of Gibson Motorsport./ GIO.

The RB26 featured so much engineering in order to be as competitive as it was, making this a special car to see any time.

The Zen Garage stand had this perfect BNR32 Skyline showing just how well these lend themselves to simple exterior mods and tidy wheel choice. Having the Grp A additions definately helps in its execution.

Another BNR32, this time built by 101 motorsport in QLD, though this one was much less sedate, and was there to compete in the Flying 500 event against the likes of 1000Hp+ Skylines, Falcon’s and one GT40 replica for the fastest top speed achieved over 500 metres of the Eastern Creek straight.

To go this fast you need to be able to stop in a hurry, hence the Parachute. Now for downforce and a truly bad ass look, the 32 also features a GT-Wing on Drag Wing stays and some serious pipes to top it off,

The beast within was another RB26 but this one was prepared with straight line decimation in mind. The Twin Precision Turbo’s with anodized bellmouth’s show you that its business time, the colour co-ordination of the bay is always a welcome touch.

The events E-Fame award has to got to Mr Nigel Petrie, and with the design and fab work this bloke puts into his vehicles, why not. its always good to see someone doing something different, and i cant speak highly enough of people who try and are able to do the work on their vehicles for themselves. a very tough SR20 powered Toyota Hilux is always a good place to start.

A current project of the former Australian Drifting Grand Prix Champion Beau Yates is this new Toyota GT86 with a front mounted turbo. This thing will be severe once its complete, keep an eye out for this Wynn’s sponsored beast. Beau is a very friendly guy and always up for a chat, now if only he would leave some AE86’s for the rest of us.

Another contender in the Flying 500 was this BNR34 from Mercury Motorsports. This weapon is made for utter domination and with 1000HP on board and 9 second timeslips under its belt, they appear to be getting the job done.

This restored DR30 Group A Nissan Skyline was immaculate, my phone photos do not do this vehicle and its build quality justice.

The FJ20 still in place, an engine that is getting quite rare these days was a welcome sight, especially in its original home,

This S13 Nissan Silvia with Aero Front bumper had the S-Chassis / Zero Clearance boys frothing. So clean sitting on a set of Enkei RPF1’s with the two tone paint and carbon bonnet.

The ‘WAN-94N’ R33 was a fresh take on the BNR33 that we don’t see often here in Australia. Wangan racer styling…

And huge rear wing extensions for added effect.

JDM Yard had their DC5 Integra out on track, this shows just how serious the rear wing setup is on this car, an awesome sounding vehicle with the K series engine revving off its head around the track.


Being part of a business that imports and sells special wheels from Japan JDM-Wheels.com.au has to have its perks, in this case being a set of awesome Impul Hoshino’s fitted to this wicked AE71. Not much compares to a Phat Lipped *E7*.

They manage to blend in with the car so well too, even with crazy sizing they don’t look ridiculous.

A very tough looking KE70 in Gunmetal with the good fruit. The chrome bumpers and quad headlight conversion, along with the front splitter and fender mirrors really set these cars off. The wheels are well sized and the finishing touch to a well done and clean car.

The show car scene in New South Wales is much more hardcore than down in Victoria. An example was this Satin Teal EK Civic Sedan with Work Meisters and a super low and fitted stance.

But its the little touches like the colour coded Work decals on the wheels that make it all go together so well.

Having most of the true Time Attack nestled away in the pits made it hard to grab many photos of them, especially with a phone camera. So We stuck around for the Tectaloy International Drift Competiton, which came down to Suprise, Suprise, the biggest names in the event for the win.

The drive back was very long once again back through the areas we had been barred from on the trip up. Of course something had to go wrong again….

This time in the form of a scrubbed out and blown rear tyre on Jono ‘E-Fame’s  Zero Clearance S13. But who carries a spare these days really. Not Jono. A quick post on Drift sale and a drive into Albury and we were back on the road. Such a mission, but could not have asked for a better crew for the journey.

Cheers D.

Photo’s: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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