Event Coverage: Certified II by 100MM. 2014

For the second 100MM event a good mate of mine (who is also a photographer) covered the event for me. So these photos are coming to you via Chris Carver and his camera skills.


Alastair was there yet again to represent the boys from ZeroClearance.net.


This E30 always draws attention with its Work Equip 01’s and rolled arches complimented by the ride height. Domo-Kun holding on for flavour. Domo don’t care if you ride Euro.


This Bora is very tidy with such large wheels and was also in the coverage of the GSS Summerdays event.


This sticker is so appropriate for many people, definitely a purchase I should look into.


So low and so much tuck.


Hardtop NA MX5 with Work Equip 03’s is always going to look tough.


Low MX5’s are so popular in the US but we don’t see enough here. This example sitting on a set of Volk / Rays Engineering TE37V’s.


When you are a P plater you can’t legally undergo performance modifications in Victoria now, This pushes a lot of the younger enthusiasts into the fitment game.


The game is booming with these Toyota Camry family sedans looking so good dropped and rolling on a set of SSR MS1’s.


This WRX GDB is very low and being an AWD has bucked the offset game by going straight for a set of Fifteen52 Tarmac with massive positive offset and huge road camber.


One very serious street chaser. Those plates!!


Straight through intake utilising the high beams is extreme for a car with road rego, but looks the parts. Extreme was sort of the name of the game for this bloke though.


Still so tidy this E30.


This B series powered EG hatch was tough, the under bonnet mural draws much attention.


Some EVO 7 love on Enkei RPF1’s for the fan boys out there.


This Golf was all about the taste with Rays CE28n’s covering a Porsche slotted and drilled brake setup. Such a serious upgrade.


This R33 GTS-T Type – M made such an impact last year, and what a fitting image to close on.

Thanks again to Chris and his camera skills. Hopefully we can tempt him to do this again in the future, allowing for more coverage and a fresh perspective.

Photo’s by: Chris Carvet

Words: Nick Drew

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