Event Coverage: Kustom Nats 2013… Island Invasion

This will be my final post from the Kustom Nats and include the rest of my photos from the show.


One of the stand out Motorcycles was this low slung rigid rear bobber…


And parked only  a short distance was this incredible completely custom Supercharged V-twin Rigid, which you may recognize from my earlier posts. What an incredible machine with so many bespoke parts.


This modified little Honda has been treated to a rigid rear end as well as being stripped of anything unnecessary. Stripping weight off these smaller bikes is sure to bring noticeable performance gains.


This classy old beast is from the Harley Davidson stable and looks to be either unrestored or subtly aged.  You can’t deny the appeal of such a bike.


The perfect way to open the Automobile coverage is with this classic Doane Spencer inspired ’32 Ford Model B, Also known as the Deuce. The quintessential Hot Rod.


A beautifully presented Fourth generation Ford Thunderbird with brilliant Rootbeer-like metallic paint set off with by the large whitewalls on smoothie capped steelies and a white painted roof.


Another lovely Thunderbird this time with California Style wires under the rear spats and sitting on the ground with the fantastic champagne colour choice. One of my favorite vehicles on the day.


This classic Dodge was a tough-looking example with its old school Rear Drag tyres and boot stripes one would assume, for the losing opponent to peer at from behind.


A steel dash and large ornate wheel is a lost feature with modern vehicles. A real shame given the lovely paint work that can be incorporated into the cabin via the dash.


This C1 Chevrolet Corvette looked as though it was straight out of a Good Guys show over in the states. With its well incorporated bonnet cowl and the car sitting leaf scrapingly low, (courtesy of what I would guess are airbags), it was a true show stopper.


This was a simple no frills ’34 Ford Tudor sans fenders and with ’32 Ford Wheels. This car was featured in issue 13 of Fuel Magazine. Well worth a read.


Another stunning Deuce Roadster. Modified in the same vein as the earlier black model. This one with raw metal fenders, starting to rust lightly at all corners.


This is the price you pay for raw metal.


This ’54 Chevrolet Pick-up was looking as though it had just rolled off the farm with worn paint and faded front grill. The airbags help it get closer to the earth. Much, much closer.


The early 50s Mercury is always a welcome addition at any Custom vehicle show, but are an almost rare sight in Australia. This one in bare metal showcasing the custom lead work that has been done around areas like the frenched headlights and roof chop. A project of this scale and budget is not for the beginner.


An EH Holden with a chopped roof is not something you generally see,  but there is nothing wrong with a well executed chop when it helps to increase the appeal of a vehicle.


This Ford Single Spinner is a custom show regular in Victoria with its bare metal finish, pinstriping and dropped stance.


A ’55 Chev sitting low and with stunning simple paint. Low really is the order of the day.


And now I give you Ruby the 50’s Oldsmobile series 76. With so much custom paintwork both outside and within, this is a car that has no trouble drawing attention.


This Deuce is owned by a top bloke named Tony, who’s daughter Jess is an up and coming Pin-up photographer with serious talent.


This was another Spinner under construction whilst at the Nats showing how and what can be done to a custom vehicle.


A Ford Victoria Reflected in the Hub of a Deuce roadster. Classic!!


What better way to advertise the fact you sell racing parts than to build a ’32 Ford Coupe. The Moon tank at the front is a classic and stylish touch.


This Buick LeSabre is in my mind one of the most beautifully shaped vehicles to grace the road. Being this low only improves the appeal.


More steel dash goodness, with a Mexican Saltillo blanket for seat covering.


This F1 Ford Pickup is so low its hard to believe it can move around at this height. Having Airbags does help with such problems as speed humps and driveways. A well crafted machine made to look at subtle and authentic as possible, down to the hay bail and esky in the tray.


I shall leave you with this XL Ford Falcon, fitted with lakes pipes, white walls and heavy flake roof. All a bit overshadowed by the ground bare metal bodywork, covered in a clear coat to preserve the look.

In reflection. The Kustom Nats 2014 was a great event with a diverse and large range of vehicles both two and four wheeled. A large variety and a lot of quality is always a recipe for success.

Photo’s: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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