Pre-show coverage: Meetin up before we’re rollin up

Prior to Classic Japan, I was frantically trying to get the wagon to a level that it would really be noticed at the show, this included paint stripping, sanding and re-painting the 13’s that had been sitting on the shelf for so long. Also getting the coilovers fitted to the front and wound down, as well as fitting the 3 inch lowering blocks to the rear (no such things as chopping springs in the rear of this wagon).

CJ Pre with Aaron-11

Whilst I was preparing for the event, Aaron Wilson was applying his OCD level of preparation to his lovingly restored Datsun 1200 ute. He also had fresh wheels to fit to the cream machine.

CJ Pre with Aaron-3

This machine warrants a feature, but maybe we will save that for another day.

CJ Pre with Aaron-5

Aaron loves this little ute and without going into too much detail, it has had a full respray and anything that isn’t up to spec is removed and refurbished or replaced.

CJ Pre with Aaron-6

Subtle interior additions like the 11,000 rpm Ultra tacho, cockpit switches and kill switch, along with the not so subtle flake red Mooneyes steering wheel.

CJ Pre with Aaron-4

Prior to the event Aaron had the whole front grille and light assembly off the car cleaning in and around them on the body, the OCD I mentioned earlier becomes more clear.

CJ Pre with Aaron-8

But having known Aaron for several years now it was awesome to get both the old girls together for some shots before rollin off to meet the rest of the gang at Classic Jap (more pictures below).

CJ Pre with Aaron-2

CJ Pre with Aaron-10

CJ Pre with Aaron-1

CJ Pre with Aaron-9


Pictures: Nick Drew

Words: Nick Drew

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