New Parts: BALLER STATUS Achieved!!!!

Big purchases should always be documented. So here it is.


I give you the priciest addition to the parts collection and one that may never be sold on.


RS Watanabe R-Type’s measuring in at a staggered sizing of 15″ x 8″ wide +-0 offset for the front and 15″ x 8.5″ -6 for the rear. Along with accompanying RS Watanabe wheel nuts.


Taking these out of the boxes was an experience. May have even laid out a towel for protection.


Being Watanabe’s these are a notoriously hard wheel to stretch rubber onto. Using Kenda Kaiser tyres in a sizing of 185/55 for the desired look, and an aggressive tread pattern. Could have been more hardcore on the stretch. But this was a struggle as is.



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